Artificial intelligence. 
Human data scientists
Real results.

With our Amazon PPC management, maximum profits await.
Allow our in-house team of data scientists and PPC managers to fully run your campaigns, and help your Amazon store reach its full profit potential.
First, let us say
Amazon PPC Agencies
we appreciate you
PPC agencies have great teams of hardworking people devoted to supporting the Amazon seller community. They’ve invested serious time and effort into helping sellers thrive.

And we love that.

● But, you’re here because you’re evaluating Profasee against other agencies.

So allow us to tell you a little bit about why we’re the best choice for your business.

Why smart sellers choose Profasee over other agencies

Key Features
ProfaseeOther Agencies
Optimize for contribution (net) profit
True PPC & price harmonization
Profit-driven ad spend metrics
Max 7 accounts per account manager
Double support: Account Manager & Data Scientist
Integrate COGS, market data, and seasonality
Flat fee structure, no %-based fees
Key Features
Profasee Other Agencies
Optimizes for contribution profit performance
True PPC & price harmonization
Profit-driven ad spend metrics
1:7 senior manager to account manager ratio
Direct access to data scientists
Integrate COGS, market data, and seasonality
Flat fee structure, no %-based fees

Here, performance
means profits

Most agencies will sell you on a myriad of metrics meant to make you think their campaigns are working great. But we know that real success depends on a better bottom line. By optimizing your price and PPC campaigns with profits in mind, we don’t just help you achieve your goals - we help you exceed them.

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Reach higher - without lifting a finger.

Our team will handle it all, intelligently synchronizing your price and ad spend, for an unprecedented Amazon advantage:

Your bottom line is not an art. It’s a science. And we have the scientists.

Our data science team uses Profasee’s all-seeing AI to analyze billions of data points, including shopper behavior, product costs, margins, and competitive positioning. With these insights, we deploy the right pricing and PPC strategies at the right time. Continuous testing and learning ensure we optimize your campaigns for maximum performance.
And the best part is; you don’t have to do a thing.

Fully managed campaigns. Fully transparent pricing.

Most ad agencies take a percentage of your spend or revenue, incentivizing them to spend more. That’s not us. We charge a flat fee and are always psyched to let you know when there’s an opportunity to profit more by spending less. Because that’s what real partners do.
Profasee is engineered specifically for and by Amazon sellers.

We’ll take it from here

From pricing to PPC, our team will handle it all. Think of us as your in-house team, with a fully managed service that covers strategy, deployment and optimization across your Amazon store.
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