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Profasee Features

Integrate instantly with your Amazon storefronts
Visualize the impact of pricing decisions
Predict the optimal price, everytime

Dramatically lower ACOS and improve return on spend
Maximize your sales, margins, and profits
Customize your pricing strategies to your business goals

Starting at


Kickstart your Amazon journey with a focused strategy for a handful of products

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per month

Max Edwards

CEO of Mess Brands
“Profasee has forced me to rethink pricing. Actually, it makes me irritated thinking about how much money I’ve been lighting on fire for so long by not changing my prices. Now, it looks like the profits are just going to keep rolling in.”

Paul Crouse

CEO Rhino Foods
“At first, I thought Profasee was just another repricer—but then I learned about their AI that takes billions of data points and manipulates them beyond any human capability. It puts you ahead of everyone else in the game.”

Chris King

CEO of Juniper Mist
“Profasee put almost $100k in profit in our bank account in one year—profit, not gross revenue. And now I sleep better at night knowing I’m not leaving any money on the table.”
Frequently Asked Questions

What is counted as revenue?

Revenue is the total value of annual revenue generated from the combined ASINs under management that we optimize for you.

Why is there a waitlist?

We’re rolling out Profasee slowly to ensure a high-quality experience for our users. In an effort to maximize one-on-one time with our team, we’re limiting on-board batches to 10. If you want to make sure you’re one of the 10, sign up here.

Where can I find Profasee pricing plans for Agencies and Aggregators?

Pricing can be adjusted based on the number of brands, the number of ASINs under management, and the revenue generated by those ASINs. As you add more brands, the pricing can be tailored to fit your needs. Fill out this form and a pricing specialist will be in touch to start the conversation.

What do I need to  get started with Profasee?

To get started with Profasee, you need to provide three simple inputs: minimum pricing and maximum pricing bounds, and landed cost of the product.

How long does it take to get up  and running with Profasee?

Once we identify which ASINs are eligible in the account, we can get started right away. After that, we require you to input the required minimum price, maximum price, and landed cost of the product.

Can I upgrade my plan to  add more ASINs to Profasee?

Yes, you can upgrade your Profasee plan to unlock additional ASINs. Our plans are designed to align with various phases of your Amazon selling journey, and you can pay as you grow. You can expand ASIN and revenue as needed, and there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from what’s available on the next tier up.

How does billing work?

We bill in quarterly increments, and you can pay with credit card, ACH and wire transfers.

How will my data be used?

Profasee uses your past data with shoppers to train our dynamic pricing algorithm. We use end-to-end encryption to keep your data safe and private while it’s in transit. For more information, see our security documentation here. If we don't answer your question there, let us know.

How long does it take to see  a profit lift with Profasee?

Our data shows that 85% of brands using Profasee experience a profit lift within just 60 days. With our dynamic pricing strategies and AI-driven platform, you can expect to see a measurable impact on your bottom line in a matter of weeks, not months. Don't just take our word for it – Learn more here, here and here

How much profit can I expect with Profasee?

On average, Profasee delivers a 10-15% profit lift, with many brands exceeding 30%+. Within three months of using Profasee, the average brand on Amazon (across all categories and verticals) experiences a 14-17% lift in profit, providing a clear return on investment.

Why do you NOT take a % of revenue like other repricers?

At Profasee, we believe in helping our clients succeed and become profitable, not taking profit from them. That's why we don't take a percentage of your revenue like other repricers. We are your software provider, not your business partner, and our pricing model is designed to provide a clear and transparent value proposition for our clients.

How is Profasee  different from other repricers?

Profasee is engineered specifically for Amazon native brands (private label brands) and focuses on winning the search results page, not the buy box. Our user interface is intuitive, and our AI model uses billions of data points to make accurate predictions to make you more profit. Profasee's AI learns from experience and continuously optimizes its profit strategies to make better pricing decisions, giving you results you can see. Our platform is designed to give Amazon brands an unprecedented pricing advantage, making us stand out from traditional Amazon repricing solutions.
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