Profasee, the ultimate Amazon advantage

Discover how we help you predict the perfect price to win the sale, every time.

The Complete AI Price Optimization Platform

Optimize Your Pricing , so you can balance profit, revenue, and BSR with machine learning
Intelligent Inventory Forecast, so you can predict inventory needs with AI effectively
Achieve Target Velocity , so our dynamic pricing ensures you meet set velocity targets
Surge Pricing , so you can automatically capitalize on intraday volume spikes
Price Synchronization , so you can maintain consistent pricing across your product range
Inventory-Sensitive Pricing, so you can adjust prices based on inventory levels to maximize margins
Listing Suppression Technology, so you can protect your Buy Box by adhering to Amazon’s rules
Protect Your Margins, so you can establish firm price thresholds to safeguard profits
Customize Your Risk Tolerance , so you can align your pricing strategy with your comfort level
Price No-Go Zones , so you can define and avoid undesirable price ranges
Optimized B2B Business Pricing , so you can tailor business prices for optimal revenue
SKU-Specific Strategies , so you can fine-tune pricing with precision for each SKU
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Don't press your luck

With Amazon, even the smallest details in listings can lead to huge differences in pricing and sales. Relying on manual strategies alone can leave serious money on the table.
Can you spot which Garlic Press is priced to sell?
Select A or B to find out.
Profasee can.
Garlic Press
Garlic Press

And leave those old school Amazon repricers in the past.

Traditional Amazon repricers are designed for resellers and only focus on competing for the Amazon Buy Box. But today, the real sales battle happens well before the customer clicks on your product. If you're not succeeding on the search results page, you can't win at all.

Crush the competition with certainty instead.

Our algorithms take into account everything from search performance to seasonality to ensure you’re winning the search results page, and the sales. And all at a price primed to capture the most profits possible.

What if...

Only Profasee knows for sure

But how?

All will be revealed.
Every day, Amazon shoppers leave behind billions of clues about their behaviors, preferences, and searches. Profasee analyzes these data points in real-time.
To deliver the perfect price at the perfect time

For an unprecedented
Amazon advantage.

Increased profit and margins
Dramatically reduced ACOS
Improved competitive ranking
Higher return on spend

Amazon’s most visionary brands trust Profasee

A more profitable future awaits...

Discover what Profasee can do
for your business.
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