The ultimate Amazon price tester.

Stop guessing and start profiting. Profasee’s dynamic price tester enables Amazon brands to predict the perfect price at each precise moment.

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What does a price testing tool do?

A price testing tool helps Amazon sellers to A/B test and continuously optimize the best possible price for their goals. Perhaps you want to maximize profit? Or increase the sellthrough of old inventory? Profasee’s price tester makes it easy to predict and deploy the perfect prices for every kind of KPI - automatically.

Discover the power of Profasee’s Amazon price testing tool.

Find the perfect price every time.

Profasee’s price tester pulls in billions of Amazon data points to help you test and deploy the most optimal price for every product.

Win the search page.

Traditional Amazon price testers optimize for the buybox. But the real sales battle happens much earlier - on the search results page. And that’s where Profasee helps you win.

Maximize your profits.

With the right price testing tool, you’ll maximize your sales, margins, and profits while dramatically improving your return on ad spend.

How Profasee’s price testing tool works


Instantly integrate with Amazon


Dynamically predict the optimal price


Easily customize your repricing strategy


Automatically see more profits

Our price testing tools integrate with your storefront’s products with just a few clicks.
Our AI analyzes millions of data points to surface real-time insights and price testing recommendations.
Our preset algorithms make it easy to optimize for common business goals while our advanced price testing tools allow you to A/B test and deploy your own highly customized strategies.
As Profasee intelligently delivers the optimal price to each customer, you’ll see your revenue, margin performance, and profitability grow. And grow. And grow.

Amazon’s most visionary sellers trust Profasee for price testing

Frequently asked questions

How do Amazon price testing
tools work?

Your product’s price shouldn’t be a static number. As factors like demand, seasonality, and competitor prices change, so should your price. Profasee’s AI analyzes these data points in real-time to continuously pinpoint, test, and deploy the optimal price for your Amazon product.

Is a price testing tool worth it?

Price is one of the most important factors affecting your business's profitability. In fact, a Harvard Business Review study found that a 1% improvement in pricing leads to an 11.1% increase in operating profits. Empowering you with intuitive and dynamic price testing , Profasee is one of the easiest, yet most effective things you can do to improve your bottom line.

Why is price testing important?

Amazon is an incredibly dynamic platform that changes every second. Price testing allows you to continue to keep pace with changes in demand and set the price that will maximize your profit potential. Profasee’s AI can process up to 60 factors in real-time to automatically test and pinpoint the perfect price.

Discover an entirely new era of price testing.

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