The Profasee Impact on Mess Brands: How Our AI Repricer Unlocked Explosive Profit Growth for the Amazon Seller

The Challenge

Stagnating Profitability in a Competitive Marketplace

Mess Brands is a private-label Amazon seller, giving customers high-quality, innovative label and organization products.

In today’s throw-away culture, Mess Brands prides itself on giving customers easy-to-use, simple, well-made products that will last and withstand many uses. But in the evergrowing Amazon Marketplace, they were losing their competitive edge. Above all, they needed a way to adjust their prices so they could optimize their profit margins while dealing with ongoing market fluctuations.

Like a lot of private-label sellers, Mess Brands didn’t change their prices a lot. “We were stagnant for years,” admitted Max Sigurdson-Scott. “Sometimes if my manufacturer raised their price by $1, then we would change our price by $1. But that was about it.”

When Mess Brands tried other repricers, they never saw any real benefits. “Most repricers are just hype,” said Sigurdson-Scott. “They just don’t work. We tried one repricer for quite a while, and it was a disaster.”

What Mess Brands needed was an intelligent solution that could help them beat the competition and maximize their profitability.

The Solution

Leveraging Profasee’s Cutting-Edge Pricing Tactics to Beat the Competition

Mess Brands partnered with Profasee to implement a cutting-edge, data-driven approach to pricing on Amazon that empowered them to keep pace with fluctuating costs while maintaining their profit margins.

With Profasee’s AI repricer, Mess Brands unlocked a whole new profit potential so they could:

  • Uncover opportunities via data analysis
  • Master Amazon pricing
  • Stay ahead of their competitors

It all came down to Profasee’s AI algorithm.

Profasee analyzed Mess Brand’s sales and cost data, revealing weak points in the seller’s old pricing strategy and showing them areas for improvement. With Profasee’s help, Mess Brands was able to make informed pricing decisions based on real-time market data. This allowed them to not only stay competitive in the Amazon marketplace but maximize their profits.

“Profasee doesn’t just change prices blindly based on BSR (Best Seller Rank). They also look at competitors, stock versus out of stock, and a host of other factors,” Sigurdson-Scott. “If we were to try to do all this manually … it would be impossible.”
Now, Mess Brands can dynamically adjust their selling prices to ma

The Results

A 30% Profit Lift with More Room to Grow

By partnering with Profasee, Mess Brands has seen fast, remarkable results that are pointing to an even more promising future:

  • 30% Profit Lift
  • $18,000 Increase in Monthly Profit
  • $216,000 Incremental Annualized Profit

“For most of our SKUs, the BSR has either gone down or is holding steady—even as we increase prices. Both of these scenarios are a win for us,” Sigurdson-Scott explained. 

But Profasee’s AI repricer has done more than lift profits for Mess Brands. We’ve also positioned the Amazon seller to continue growing in the future so they can keep seeing profit boosts again and again.

“A lot of what we were doing before with pricing was all based on my own preconceived notions—what I thought people wanted and what I thought people were willing to pay. But the truth is, you just can’t know,” admitted Sigurdson-Scott. “You need to let the data decide. And the data from Profasee is showing that people are willing to pay higher prices for our products. And now our profits are showing that! It’s kind of blowing my mind.” 

Profit Lift
Increase Profit Dollars/Month
Incremental Annualized Profit
The strongest results in the game
Profasee runs on billions of data points to give you the most accurate predictions possible to drive profits to the bottom-line without sacrificing BSR.
Max Sigurdson-Scott
CEO of MESS Brands

“Profasee has forced me to rethink pricing. Actually, it makes me irritated thinking about how much money I’ve been lighting on fire for so long by not changing my prices. Now, it looks like the profits are just going to keep rolling in.” 

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