Achieving a 24x ROI: How PF Harris Amplified Profits by $215,000 with Profasee's AI Repricing

About PF Harris:

PF Harris has emerged as a venerable authority in the realm of pest control and lawn and garden consumer products. With a rich history of nearly a century, their legacy thrives on relentless product innovation and expansion, offering an extensive array of solutions to cater to diverse consumer needs. This journey of evolution and innovation is deeply intertwined with their strategic use of Amazon as both a source of inspiration and a platform for product development and testing. Their commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction has not only allowed our products to flourish on Amazon but has also catapulted them onto the shelves of renowned retail giants like Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe's, where they continue to garner remarkable success.

The Challenge

Maximizing Profit in a Private Label Business

PF Harris boasted an extensive portfolio of over 100-130 ASINs, spanning various product categories on Amazon. This diversity made it challenging to streamline and optimize pricing effectively. They needed a pricing strategy that could adapt to market dynamics, identify profit opportunities, and minimize manual effort.

The Solution

Profasee's Data-Driven Repricing

PF Harris discovered Profasee, a game-changing repricing solution for private label brands. Profasee offered a unique approach to repricing that wasn't solely focused on the buy box but rather on optimizing profit. With over 15 years of experience on Amazon, PF Harris recognized that manually running price experiments on each SKU was time-consuming and inefficient, leading to money being left on the table.

Key Features:

  • Profit-Centric Repricing: Profasee's technology enabled PF Harris to set minimum and maximum price bounds based on their business goals whilst allowing profit maximization.
  • Hands-Off Automation: PF Harris appreciated that Profasee handled the pricing adjustments in the background, saving them valuable time to focus on other aspects of their business.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Profasee's findings revealed unique price elasticity for each product, identifying opportunities to increase profit without compromising sales volume.

The Impact

Impressive ROI and Profit Lift

By partnering with Profasee, PF Harris achieved remarkable results:

  • An astounding 24x return on investment (ROI).
  • An incremental annualized profit of over $215,000 for the initial 15 SKUs.
  • A clear path to expanding the use of Profasee to additional SKUs and achieving even greater profit growth.



PF Harris's success story with Profasee demonstrates how a data-driven repricing solution can significantly impact a private label business's profitability. With the potential to expand its use to more SKUs, PF Harris is well on its way to achieving even greater profit growth through the power of Profasee.

Incremental Annualized Profit
The strongest results in the game
Profasee runs on billions of data points to give you the most accurate predictions possible to drive profits to the bottom-line without sacrificing BSR.
John Rhinehart
PF Harris's Founder

"Profasee has been a game-changer for PF Harris. If you're in business to make a profit, there's nothing to think about. Profasee has helped us make more money while freeing up our time. With a 24x ROI and an annualized profit increase of over $215,000 for just the first 15 SKUs, it's a no-brainer. We highly recommend it to any Amazon seller looking to maximize their profit and streamline their pricing strategy."

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