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Profasee’s dynamic repricing tool enables Amazon brands to predict the perfect price at each precise moment.

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What does Amazon advertising software do?

Amazon advertising software helps you dynamically buy ads to promote your products to new and existing customers. Profasee’s Amazon advertising tool works in tandem with its repricing capabilities to ensure your products are promoted and priced to win the sale at every stage of the customer journey.

Discover the power of Profasee’s Amazon advertising tool.

Optimize your return on ad spend.

By leveraging our repricing capabilities, our Amazon advertising tool helps you optimize every cent of your ad spend and every penny of your profits at the very same time.

Maximize your profits.

With the right Amazon advertising software, you’ll improve your ad performance, while maximizing your sales, margins, and profits.

Amazon’s most visionary sellers trust Profasee for advertising

Frequently asked questions

What kind of advertising can I do on Amazon?

Amazon offers three main types of advertising; Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands and Product Display Ads. Profasee’s advertising tools help you manage your Amazon campaigns across all three types of ads to capture the highest return on ad spend (RoAS) possible.

Is repricing software worth it?

Advertising on Amazon is an extremely effective and affordable way to capture shoppers with serious buying intent. While your PPC costs can differ based on an assortment of factors, most Amazon ads cost around $0.20 to $6
per click.

Is it worth it to advertise on Amazon?

Advertising is critical to your overall success on Amazon. Profasee’s advertising tools will help you succeed at every step of the customer journey - from first capturing your customers’ attention, to competing on search, and ultimately winning the sale.

Discover what happens when dynamic pricing meets intelligent Amazon advertising… 
(hint: it’s more profits!)

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