The Profasee Impact on JUNIPERMIST: How Our Dynamic Pricing Strategy Maximized Profits for This Amazon Seller

The Challenge

Missing Profit Opportunities in a Competitive, Fluctuating Market

JUNIPERMIST prides itself on creating the world’s finest, healthiest, and most effective smokeless smudging products. They’re on a mission to help people center themselves and find peace in the crazy world with candles, room sprays, soaps, and other aromatherapy products.

Everything JUNIPERMIST sells has a therapeutic benefit to help heal the body, mind, and soul. To thrive in the aggressive Amazon Marketplace, they needed a way to stay ahead of the competition—and stay profitable even when the market fluctuates.

But for the aromatherapy seller, navigating the numbers game of pricing was a challenge.

“I’m a people-type person. I’m not so good with data and analysis and numbers,” admitted Chris King, Founder. “The major challenge I faced before finding Profasee was figuring out pricing and profitability. I understood my profitability fairly well, but I always knew that I was missing something.”

Like a lot of Amazon Sellers, JUNIPERMIST was nervous about making changes to their prices—which meant they were missing major opps and leaving money on the table. King knew where JUNIPERMIST was falling short, but he didn’t know how to fix the problem on his own.

“There were always these nagging questions in the back of my head: Are my prices right? Am I the most profitable I could be? Should my prices be higher? Could the market afford that? Or should they be lower so I can sell more volume?”

Besides figuring out how to price items and compete with other sellers, JUNIPERMIST also needed to deal with turbulent market conditions, like increased costs, higher shipping fees, and lower consumer spending.

JUNIPERMIST needed a dynamic pricing strategy that could take the guesswork out of pricing so they could level up their profitability and competitiveness on Amazon.

The Solution

Letting Profasee’s AI Repricer Take the Reins

JUNIPERMIST partnered with Profassee to implement a cutting-edge, data-driven approach to pricing, empowering the aromatherapy seller to overcome market fluctuations, stay competitive, and maximize their profitability. 

By letting Profasee’s AI repricer take the helm, JUNIPERMIST was able to make smarter pricing decisions based on real-time market data.

It started with Profasee’s algorithm, which analyzed JUNIPERMIST’s sales and cost data. This comprehensive data analysis unlocked new insights that enabled the aromatherapy seller to dynamically adjust their prices to account for fluctuating market conditions.

“One of the main benefits of Profasee is the analysis they use for profitability, which is far more advanced than any analysis I’ve used in the past,” said King

With Profasee’s help, JUNIPERMIST was able to maximize their profitability, stay competitive, and position themselves for continued success in the Amazon Marketplace.

The Results

Big Profit Lifts and a Newfound Peace of Mind

By leveraging Profasee’s AI-powered dynamic pricing strategy, JUNIPERMIST saw a massive uptick in profitability with everything in place to help them keep growing in the future:

  • 7% Profit Lift
  • $7,800 Increase in Monthly Profit
  • $95,000 Incremental Annualized Profit
  • 46X ROI

With these impressive numbers, Profasee not only gave JUNIPERMIST a mega profit boost but also gave the aromatherapy seller the tools to stay competitive in the ever-changing market. Now, JUNIPERMIST has a plan to grow sustainably and keep increasing their profits in the future.

And for King, the benefits of Profasee’s AI repricer go far beyond the numbers.

“One of the benefits of handing pricing off to Profasee was taking my personal emotions out of my pricing strategy. I could just let the AI do its job and figure out what will make the most profit,” said King. “Plus, what is just as valuable as the profit increase are the answers to those pricing questions I always had in the back of my mind. With Profasee, I no longer have to worry if I’m missing opportunities or leaving money on the table.”

Profit Lift
Increase in Monthly Profit
Incremental Annualized Profit
The strongest results in the game
Profasee runs on billions of data points to give you the most accurate predictions possible to drive profits to the bottom-line without sacrificing BSR.
Chris King

“Profasee put almost $100k in profit in our bank account in one year—profit, not gross revenue. For someone who doesn’t understand data that well, it was really easy to use. And now I sleep better at night knowing I’m not leaving any money on the table.” 

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