7 Best Tools for Amazon Sellers in 2022

When you're a seller on Amazon, it's easy to feel like you've got your hands full. You have to manage inventory and prices, negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, and keep tabs on the competition. The last thing you want to do is add another task to your list. But the truth is that Amazon seller […]
June 17, 2022  /  6 min read 
Chad Rubin
Founder & CEO
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When you're a seller on Amazon, it's easy to feel like you've got your hands full. You have to manage inventory and prices, negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers, and keep tabs on the competition. The last thing you want to do is add another task to your list.

But the truth is that Amazon seller tools are absolutely essential for making sure you're maximizing your time, efforts, and resources. And with so many options out there, choosing just one can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, we’ve done the research for you.

7 best tools for Amazon sellers 

Whether you're on the hunt for keywords, finding ways to improve your product or services, or monitoring competition - using software and selling tools will make your life easier. Below is our list of the 6 best tools that every Amazon sellers need.

1. Best Amazon repricer: Profasee

A repricing tool is a great way to help you continuously monitor and adjust the prices of your products on Amazon. If you’re looking to maximize profits, Profasee’s repricing tool makes it easy to predict and set the perfect price for all of your products. Features of Profasee include the ability to integrate with your storefront’s products with just a few clicks, an intelligent pricing algorithm that analyzes millions of data points to surface real-time insights, and pre-configured pricing models that can be used for different use cases.

2. Best Amazon shipping tool: ShipWorks

When it comes to shipping and fulfillment, ShipWorks is your best bet. The ShipWorks platform connects directly to your Amazon Seller Central account via the Amazon API. When you process a shipment, ShipWorks automatically communicates the updated order status, shipping method and tracking information back to Amazon.com. Features of ShipWorks include branded invoices and packing slips, integrated support for FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL eCommerce and more as well as the ability to send email notifications to customers.

3. Best Amazon review software: AMZFinder

With AMZFinder, you can improve your store’s credibility and boost customer ratings on Amazon by sending automatic feedback and review requests, managing reviews and orders. Leveraging a review tool like AMZFinder can help you boost sales, strengthen the brand image, grow positive reviews, and enhance your store’s service. Features of AMZFinder include automatically sending buyer-seller messages, support multi marketplaces without additional fees, and automatically send professional invoices.

4. Best tool for managing sales tax: TaxJar

TaxJar provides accurate multi-channel sales tax reporting for Amazon sellers. The best part? All it takes is a single click to link up TaxJar to your Amazon store and regularly import your transactions. TaxJar syncs with your store so you can see sales tax collected by city and county across all the states where you have sales tax activity. Other features include automatic filing, economic nexus insights, and in-depth reporting.

5. Best tool for conducting competitor research: Helium 10

When conducting product research, Helium 10 can easily validate your product’s success with at-a-glance analytics like seasonal trends, profit estimates, and more. Helium 10 also has tools to help you write effective product listings that bakes in hundreds of keywords. Features include a robust 450 million ASIN database for you to search from, built-in security tools keep you a step ahead of malicious threats, and reporting that shows you your profits, market share, competitor ranking, and more.

6. Best tool for FBA Refunds: RefundsManager

RefundsManager handles the dirty work by tracking and filing FBA refund claims for you. It works by syncing your Amazon seller account, then RefundsManagers searches for customer return issues, damages, or losses, and your designated account auditor submits and tracks all claims for you. RefundsManager helps you recover funds dating back 18 months and helps resolve the highest number of FBA issues such as restocking fees and customer refund overages.

7. Best tool for FBA prep: Preptopia™

Preptopia™ of MyFBAPrep helps merchants gain end-to-end visibility of their Amazon FBA prep process, from your warehouse to the FBA network. MyFBAPrep is the leading eCommerce warehouse network for Amazon aggregators, enterprise-level brands and top Amazon sellers. Operating a global network of more than 50 warehouses and seven-million-square-feet of operating warehouse space, MyFBAPrep offers a full suite of ecommerce 3PL services. Powered by its SaaS technology platform Preptopia™, sellers get access to unified billing, analytics, business intelligence reporting tools and real-time inventory views across multiple warehouses in the network. MyFBAPrep moves over $1 billion in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and processes over 10-million units annually.

Increase Amazon sales with Profasee

If you’re ready to maximize your sales, margins, and profits while dramatically improving your return on ad spend, then Profasee is the solution for you. 

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Amazon seller tools FAQs

How much should I invest in Amazon seller tools?

The amount you should spend on Amazon seller tools depends on the amount of inventory you want to sell. If you only have a few items, and you're not looking to expand beyond that, then it's probably fine to stick with some basic tools (like a spreadsheet) and not spend any money on anything else. However, if you're planning on selling a lot of products or adding more products over time, then it can be helpful to invest in some specific tools that will help you manage your inventory better.

How many tools should you use as an Amazon seller?

The number of tools you use as an Amazon seller depends on your needs, but there are some general guidelines you should follow. First, don't try to do everything yourself. There are plenty of third-party services out there that can help you with tasks like advertising, managing inventory, and handling customer service. And second, don't get caught up in the hype around every new tool that comes out—remember that the tool itself isn't what's important; it's how well it helps you achieve your goals.

What tools do you need as an Amazon seller?

The best tools to use as an Amazon seller are those that help you to do your job more efficiently and effectively. There are numerous tools out there that can help you manage your business; Profasee for setting up dynamic pricing, AMZfinder for managing reviews, and RefundsManager for FBA returns are only a few of the best tools on the market.
Chad RubinFounder & CEO
Chad Rubin leads Profasee's operations and oversees its strategy. He often speaks about e-commerce, amazon and leveraging AI strategies on webinars and conferences worldwide. He's also the author of the Amazon bestseller, Cheaper, Easier Direct. Prior to Profasee, he founded Think Crucial and co-founded Skubana, and the Prosper Show. He is also a father, husband and loves coffee and tacos.

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