What is Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an Amazon feature that lets you create and style a personalized brand page for your store. It has now been named A+ content and is available from inside Seller Central. EBC lets you create a site within a site on Amazon. It provides you with a storefront that showcases your […]
January 25, 2024  /  10 min read 
Chad Rubin
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Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an Amazon feature that lets you create and style a personalized brand page for your store. It has now been named A+ content and is available from inside Seller Central.

EBC lets you create a site within a site on Amazon. It provides you with a storefront that showcases your brand visually and keeps customers focused on your products. Unlike the product page pictured below, there are no competitor links to pull people away from your offers.

This simple variation can help increase product conversions and boost brand visibility on Amazon. EBC is a popular way for sellers to stand out on Amazon and make their products more attractive to potential buyers.

What Does Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC Mean?

Enhanced Brand Content, or EBC, allows sellers to create Amazon product pages that are more comprehensive and visually appealing.  

EBC enables sellers to create content-rich product pages by utilizing different types of media such as images, video, and text. This provides a more engaging experience for customers, helping them gain a better understanding of your products to make informed purchasing decisions.

EBC is a great way to boost sales and increase your brand’s visibility on Amazon. With more visual appeal and product information, and no competitor links, customers are more likely to click and buy. 

The long-term impact of a compelling customer journey is greater brand loyalty, which leads to even further sales.

Overall, for sellers who are looking to make the most of their Amazon presence, EBC is an essential tool. 

Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a powerful tool for Amazon sellers. It’s an opportunity to create an attractive and engaging product page, which will differentiate your product from competitors and increase sales.

Sellers can use additional images, videos, and text to showcase product features and benefits. EBC not only increases the visibility of your product on Amazon but improves the shopping experience for customers searching for specific product information.

Through the use of high-quality product images and videos, customers gain a better understanding of your products, which can increase brand trust.

Customer engagement is at the heart of EBC. Creative content provides customers with a more in-depth look at your different products. This can lead to increased engagement with your brand and a better experience overall.

Let’s look at some of the other benefits.

Reduce your bounce rate

One of the main goals of utilizing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is to keep people on your product pages for longer. This is done by presenting your products in an engaging and informative way. 

The point is to not only capture but retain the attention of your audience. This is achieved with high-quality images, videos, and detailed product information. 

It’s highly recommended that you use the ‘About this item’ section to provide more details about the product and highlight its features. It is also important to incorporate customer reviews and ratings which demonstrate the quality of the product and provide social proof. 

Keep your page organized and easy to read by breaking up text with headings and bullet points. All images and videos should also be optimized to load quickly to prevent customers from leaving. 

Reinforce brand equity

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an ideal way to build brand equity. With the help of unique and engaging content, you can provide customers with an immersive experience. Through the use of compelling visuals, videos, and stories, brands can build trust and loyalty with customers, creating a strong and timeless brand identity.

Because EBC helps brands stand out from the competition, it increases brand recognition and drives sales. With EBC, customers will be able to recognize a product more easily and are more likely to make a purchase. By creating an unforgettable first impression, brands can reinforce their brand equity and drive long-term success.

Overcome objections and improve search results

By creating custom visuals and interactive content on your Amazon product pages, you make it easier for customers to find, understand, and remember your products. This can also help you overcome objections and increase the chances of a sale.

Along with this, EBC can improve product search results. When customers are looking for a product, EBC makes it easier to find them. Your products will also stand out in search results, giving customers more confidence to make a purchase. 

Greater brand visibility automatically builds more trust with customers, too. By providing detailed information on your product and brand, you give customers the chance to make an informed decision. The more educated a customer feels, the more likely they are to add a product to their cart. 

Attract attention

EBC is a great way for brands to stand out from the many competitors on Amazon, build trust, and increase conversion rates. Customers are more likely to purchase from a brand they know and trust, which is why EBC is such an important tool.

EBC is currently only available for select product categories on Amazon. Brands must be approved in order to use this content creation tool. You will need to provide information about your products, brand story, and customer service to be approved. 

Improve mobile optimization

When creating Enhanced Brand Content, it is important to remember that mobile optimization is key. Mobile users should be able to easily navigate your product page, so your content needs to be optimized for smaller screens. 

Images and videos should be accessible on mobile devices, and text should be easily readable on smaller screens. Utilizing responsive design techniques can help ensure that Enhanced Brand Content looks great on any device.

Differences Between A+ Content and A++ Content

The most basic level of EBC is known as A+ content, which is free to use and allows sellers to customize their product pages with text and images. 

A++ content is an advanced version of EBC. It includes additional features such as interactive elements, videos, and comparison charts, which you need to pay for to access.

Unlike A+ content, A++ content is not limited to one page and can span multiple pages. Furthermore, A+ content must be submitted for approval before being published, while A++ content is not subject to approval. Therefore, A++ content is the ideal choice for sellers looking to immediately showcase their products with enhanced visuals and create an immersive experience for customers.

Amazon EBC – Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for EBC, vendors and sellers must have a Professional Selling Plan and a Brand Registry account in good standing. 

Additionally, they must have a trademark associated with their brand and an active product ASIN that meets Amazon's Content Guidelines. 

By meeting these requirements, sellers can customize their product pages and include more content than ever before. EBC is the ultimate way to create an immersive shopping experience for your customers, helping differentiate your brand and products from competitors.

How to Create an EBC Template on Amazon

With EBC, sellers can create a custom template for their product pages that helps highlight the features and benefits of their products. 

To create an EBC template, sellers must first create a template in Amazon Vendor Central, and then select the Enhanced Brand Content option. You can then choose the type of template you want to create, upload media, and edit the template according to your preferences. 

Once the template is complete, you can preview it and submit it for approval. Following approval, the template will be uploaded to your Amazon product page, allowing customers to gain a better understanding of your products. 

Dos and Don’ts of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Design

When creating your EBC, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. 

  • Always use high-quality product images and videos that are clear and eye-catching.
  • Create visually appealing designs with a consistent color palette that matches your brand.
  • Use bold headlines, bullet points, and engaging copy to draw readers in and make your content easy to read.
  • Add testimonials and reviews to build further trust. 
  • Keep your copy coincide and to the point where you can. There’s no need to use overcomplicated language and jargon. 
  • Include links to relevant pages and products.
  • Run A/B tests to determine which designs perform the best. 

By following these tips, you can take full advantage of EBC to stand out and attract more customers. 

Enhance Your Amazon Product Listings with EBC

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is a powerful marketing tool that Amazon sellers can use to create visually engaging product listings. It’s a chance to showcase your brand and product story through additional visuals, videos, and more detailed product descriptions. 

EBC features can help you differentiate your product from the competition by giving potential customers more information about your product and brand.

By following the best practices mentioned in this article, you can use EBC to increase conversions, build trust, and establish a strong brand identity on Amazon. It can be used to highlight product features, explain product benefits, and create a more memorable customer experience. 

As we conclude, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) emerges as an indispensable tool for Amazon sellers aiming to elevate their product listings. It's not just about making your page look good; it’s about crafting a compelling narrative through visuals and detailed descriptions that resonate with your audience. 

By effectively using EBC, you enhance customer engagement, strengthen brand identity, and ultimately drive conversions. It's a strategic blend of creativity and marketing acumen, designed to make your products stand out in Amazon's competitive marketplace. 

Remember, in the world of online retail, a well-told product story can be just as crucial as the product itself. And this is what EBC really excels at; helping you tell your brand story visually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is EBC on Amazon?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is an Amazon feature that provides sellers with the ability to create customized content to promote their brand and products. With EBC, sellers have the opportunity to create a more engaging product detail page that highlights their brand, product features, and benefits. This can help increase conversion rates by providing customers with a better understanding of the product and brand, building greater brand loyalty.

What can you do with EBC?

EBC allows sellers to add descriptive text, product images, videos, and other forms of media to their product detail pages. This creates a richer, more personalized shopping experience for customers, which increases engagement and satisfaction. Amazon encourages sellers to take advantage of this feature to make the most of their product detail pages. It’s a great way to showcase your products and brand in a more engaging way. By creating product pages that are rich in content, sellers can increase the visibility of their products and provide a better shopping experience for customers.

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